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Renae has got the perfect little bubbly Latina body (and booty). But don’t forget about her firm tits and how guys love to tap that ass.
Renae is always such a hot little tease, and she never leaves her beau with a set of blue balls. As she grabs for the hottest ding dong in his pants she is on her knees and wanting to suck the white creamy filing. With the zip of his pants and a few pumps of her wrist this girl has had some practice with her mouth before. Renae is always a porn favorite, super damn cute and a great pair of girls make all the boys want to come to her perfectly landscaped yard.

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Renae Cruz is known as one of the biggest sluts  around and everyone loves her because she is also one of the hottest busty Latinas.  She is spicy and also very horny who loves to squeeze her tits around a big cock before it goes into her tight pink pussy

Absolutely one of my favorite pics of Renae Cruz, looking like a luscious yet innocent leading latina lady this naughty little vixen is always ready for a little titty teasing with your cock. Standing in the backyard, batting to you with her come fuck my look. You know that when she has that expression on her face you are weak and ready to screw. I cannot think of one guy who couldn’t resist a sexy girl with a hot pair of tits who wants to wants your bone over and over. Hope you ate your drank your protein cause she wants some too.


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Renae Cruz in I Run This School From Innocent High.

I love when pics always tell a story, there once was this girl named Renae, she was a popular girl is school and wanted to make her parents proud by getting good grades. One thing that made this girl special is that she always had an apple for the teacher. In the next few pics, you will see the special project she has been working on in anatomy for extra credit.

Renae thought it would be a good idea if she had a visual presentation by showing her anatomy project. Standing a little shy, she opened her shirt and explained the differences between implants and natural breasts. She asked the teacher if he would like to touch them to feel their firmness.

In this picture, Renae was hoping that by showing the teacher her vagina that would surely secure an A+ for this class. She is generally a good student but college is around the corner and she really wants to get into a good school and get a scholarship. Renae asks her teacher if he likes what he sees, like he is going to say NO.

I think the teacher just gave Renae the entire alphabet with the flick of his tongue on her clit. By the way guys, girls like when you do that, makes them go crazy. As her teacher burries his face deep in her pussy, Renae starts to sing the school anthem.

Renae at this point is so fucking wet and absolutely wants to return the favor from her teacher, spreading her body across the desk she reaches over and swallows his hard cock with her mouth. I knew this girl had a thing for football players but makes you wonder if she is doing her female teachers too.

You knew this was cumming, that damn anatomy teacher has his cock up her wet pussy and is grabbing her by the pig tails. If this girl doesn’t get an A in the class she is just going to have take this straight to the principal and fuck the hell out of him too. Renae is determined and as any smart girl would do work her way to the top, and off with the bottoms.

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Renae Cruz in The Brazilian Showgirl From Oye Loca.

Renae Cruz is one spicy latina and the these pics for sure tell a story about one hot night in Havana. Be sure to follow with one hand on the mouse, cause your other hand will be working your joy stick. In the first pic, she is looking ever so seductive as she works the stripper pole. You ready for her to start working your pole?

Wearing a bracelet spelling out the word, SEX this is one girl with a mission to get her pussy worked! After meeting her Latin lover of the evening she was not hesitating to show him exactly what she is made of, sugar spice and everything ever so so so nice. With her 34c tits out for you to suck on and her mouth full of cock, this girl wants to be squirting and gushing all over your cock.

Renae’s lover bends her over at the waist and gives that wet pussy a pounding as she squirts her love juice all over her cock, dripping down his balls. The more she gushes with every thrust of his hips only makes her want more. You sure you can handle what this girl.

As a request, he tells her that he wants to swallow, that there is nothing fucking hotter then a girl who loves a little man sugar. Renae looks so sexy with cum on her chest, playing with her tits and a mouth full of cock.

Renae is just cleaning up what her mouth missed, like any good porn princess knows, its good to the last drop. She wipes her fingers across her chest and sucks the penis pudding off her hands. This is one girl who makes you wanna cum all over again.

Renae Cruz Biography

  • Birthday: November 29
  • Birth Location: Philippines
  • Measurements: 34C-25-35
  • Height: 160 cm – 5 feet and 3 inches
  • Weight: 51 kg – 112 lbs
  • Haircolor: Brown
  • Nationality: Brazil
  • Ethicity: Latin
  • Birthday: November 29, 1987

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By far this is the HOTTEST set of pics of Renae Cruz I have ever seen! Renae and her playmate make you think some serious improper thoughts. Pretty damn sexy if you ask me, I cannot imagine being the camera guy not wanting to drop his pants and rub one out. These sexy ladies are breast to breast and damn near lip to lip!

These lovely Latina ladies are in the bath together, I am so jealous I am not in there with them. Look at those come fuck me eyes, are you serious? Makes you wish you were the meat in the middle of that spicy sandwich

Renae has a way with words, and apparently her tongue, with that hot ass out of the way what a guy wouldn’t do to be sucking and fucking that girl (and her friend) from behind. She is one sexy girl.

I’m starting to think that these girls just want to make me suffer with all the teasing, rock hard and staring at the two hottest girls, would be even better if they weren’t on my computer screen and in person. Makes you wish you were sucking on her other tit with you fingers buried deep in her literally WET hot box.

Now this pic is what I am talking about…HOLY HOTNESS! Seeing these gorgeous gals suck face is what I needed to see to get my ball rolling. Think I am getting jealous of that other girl, but I will take advantage of her too.

YES PLEASE! Legs spread and a seriously clean wet pussy Renae is ready to suck some cum right from the honey pot. Renae wants this girl BAD and it doesn’t look like her friend is minding one bit.

More teasing, I swear these girls are calling your name and want you to join in for a little 3 way suck and fuck. I don’t know about you but I certainly would not be resisting. If there was only a way to jump into my computer screen.

Take those panties off Renae, would be more sexy if you were using your teeth but after the last few pics I dont think it really matters. We really enjoyed your showgirl showcase; keep them cumming lady cause we want more of you.

Renae Cruz

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You know this is one porn pro who’s eyes really say so much, with a cock down her throat I swear she is thinking “I really wish this was you and not this jackass” maybe that is some wishful thinking on my part. I have seen quite a few Cruz videos, but there is something about this girl that just screams sex kitten. Thinking she might just be my favorite cock sucking queen as of yet.

Renae Cruz has that big round juicy Latina ass and her curves don’t stop there.  She also has boobs and loves to get man handled. She can keep them cumming for a long time after one look at her juicy butt and her talent with her plump lips that can give oral sex better than most girls.